Titanic Print: Unsinkable Souls

Limited Edition Memorial Print

This Limited Edition Titanic Print, called "Unsinkable Souls," is available for sale exclusively on TitanicPrint.com.

The print tells the story of the wreck of the Titanic with three photographs arranged to show the Titanic as it could have looked on that fateful night.

captain "Unsinkable Souls" was put together using three photographs taken in 1912 and is not an artist rendition like prints we are used to seeing. We have chosen to keep these photographs as close to their natural state as possible, keeping its authentic look from 1912. The three photographs are arranged to show the Titanic and the iceberg as they could have looked on that fateful night.

Story of the Wreck of the Titanic

book These photographs were published in a book entitled, "Story of the Wreck of the Titanic; The Ocean's Greatest Disaster (Memorial Edition)." Thomas H. Russell A. M., LL, author and journalist, edited this book published in 1912 with special articles by Fred S. Miller, the Great Descriptive Writer, copyright 1912 by L. H. Walter.

In this book, actual survivors of the Titanic tell thrilling tales of bravery and sacrafice so awesome, there is no need for Hollywood sensationalism.

The book accounts for the awful loss of 1,635 of her 2,340 passengers on board; 914 of those lost are immortalized in the icy waters of the print.

iceberg A rare photograph of the huge iceberg with which the Titanic collided to her undoing is in the book. A passenger on the rescue ship Carpathia photographed it near the scene of the wreck. The iceberg was actually quite huge, stretching out for miles over the sea. It projected only eight feet above sea level but reaching dangerously into the depths. The shock of the blow as the ship hit at 21 knots was so slight as to be scarcely perceptible to the unconscious passengers.

The gradual sinking allowed the icy waters to penetrate the boilers, which had been working at high pressure, and caused their explosion. Captain Smith took command as soon as the ship struck and the engines were stopped instantly. The sudden cessation of the constant vibration drew the passenger's attention more than did the shock of the collision.

S.S. Titanic The last picture is that of the infamous S.S. Titanic. The ship powered by steam and thought to be unsinkable; pierce her hull anywhere, and behind was a watertight bulkhead, a sure defense to flout the floods and hold the angry ocean from its prey.

Dedicated to those who by their acts and deeds followed in the footsteps of He who suffered on the Cross, and who now sleep in unmarked sepulchers of the sea; we give you the limited edition "Unsinkable Souls." If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the Contact page.